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Family Health Media is an independent producer and distributor of high-quality health education media. Our videos are available to health care professionals in hospital, private practice, long term care, home health and educational settings worldwide.  Free 10-day previews are available to health care & medical industry professionals.  Family Health Media's retail programs contain no product promotions or commercial bias.
Family Health Media is an independent producer and distributor of high-quality videos for patient and staff education.
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What caring people need to know!

With a heightened focus on prevention, hospital and nursing home educators can use this new, 19-minute training video for CNAs, nurses & family members to explain the causes and prevention of pressure ulcers.

"Absolutely the best pressure ulcer prevention DVD I have found on the market."   Cheryl Hooton, RN Director; Tennessee Health Careers, LLC

Diabetic foot ulcers often are painless. Venous leg ulcers usually appear on the inside of the lower leg. This video uses colorful graphics like this one of the pelvic floor to help patients understand urinary incontinence.
Diabetic Foot Ulcers:

the 3-Step Program

International Health & Medical Media Awards, diabetes category

People with diabetes learn three essential steps to help prevent diabetic foot ulcers.

18-minute video
DVD / English, Spanish.
$99 purchase.
Undetected Diabetic Foot Ulcers & Infections

With loss of protective feeling from diabetic neuropathy, people may ignore or be completely unaware of a serious wound or infection on their feet.

CD-ROM Slide/Sound
PowerPoint presentation.
$119 purchase.
Venous Leg Ulcers
a guide for patients and caregivers

Patients and staff learn what causes a venous leg ulcer and important techniques to help heal them.

21-minute video
DVD / English, Spanish
$99 purchase
NEW!  $9.95 Online e-learning module.
Treating Urinary Incontinence
a guide to behavioral methods

"A concise, clear film - particularly useful when clients are being supported by health care professionals trained in behavioural management of incontinence." K. Smith, Client; Vancouver, B.C. Canada (April, 2011)

Teaches women and men
behavioral methods for managing urinary incontinence.

17-minute video
English, Spanish, French
$99 purchase.
Caring for an Infant's or Toddler's Ostomy

Shows parents & care givers how to clean & change the colostomy pouch, problems to watch for, tips for care.

Generic information - applies to any brand appliance.

17-minute video
DVD / English, Spanish
$99 purchase
NEW! $9.95 for 3 months online access.
PowerPoint CD-ROM
Pressure Ulcer Prevention

Use this PowerPoint slide show to create pressure ulcer training customized to your facility's specific protocols and products.

Based on the pressure ulcer video.

PowerPoint CD-ROM.
Includes printed speaker's notes
$50 purchase.

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