Let Family Health Media customize your videos for you.

It's an inexpensive way to inform viewers of your services as you provide an important educational function.

Option-1:  FREE
Basic video customization is free when you purchase 2 or more copies of the same video. Your facility name, logo, contact information and/or a digital photo can be edited directly into the opening 15 seconds of your VHS or DVD videos. It's a simple, low-cost way to inform viewers that you provide services related to the video content. Personalized videos are an excellent item to donate to a local public library, medical library, support group, clinic, hospital or school. Basic customization is free when you purchase two or more copies of the same video ($99 for first copy, $59 each for additional copies). See customization example.

Option-2:  $50
Use your camcorder to shoot your own video clip (1 to 3 minutes). Mail the tape to us and we'll edit it into the opening or conclusion of any Family Health Media video. The cost is $50 when you purchase two or more copies of any video ($99 for the first copy, $59 for additional copies). Call us at 800-366-3641 to get started. See our guidelines on shooting your own video clip.

Customization ideas:

  • Provide patient instructions specific to your facility
  • Inform viewers of a particular service you offer
  • Explain discharge instructions
  • Give directions on how to get to your site
  • Prepare patients & family members for a procedure

Option-3:  $100 - $500
We'll create customized content for you. Write down what you'd like to be said and send it to us along with digital photos and/or video clips. We'll assemble a professionally edited & narrated presention and insert it into your videos. Call for a quote.