Preventing Diabetic Foot Ulcers
The 3-Step Program

18-minute educational video for people with diabetes, family members, clinical staff
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"We absolutely love this video!!!"
Laurie Goodman, RN BA MHScN; Advanced Practice Nurse & Wound Care Educator;
Director, Mississauga Halton Wound Initiative; Mentoring Director, IIWCC, Toronto.

International Health & Medical Media Awards
Diabetes category
The Freddie Award

18-minute DVD
English or Spanish

Preventing Diabetic Foot Ulcers


This informative and entertaining video builds a clear diabetic foot ulcer prevention strategy around three key concepts. A gentleman with diabetes and neuropathy demonstrates the daily foot check. A podiatrist presents examples of common foot problems to watch for. And Archie, a friendly talking foot, explains why people with neuropathy must wear doctor-recommended shoes fit by a professional. We meet a woman whose foot ulcer was discovered by chance during a routine clinic visit. Important concepts are reinforced with colorful motion graphics and interesting scientific demonstrations. Your purchase includes an 11" X 17" wall poster to assist patients with foot self-inspection at home.

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We've used the Preventing Diabetic Foot Ulcers DVD at the local Diabetic Hub centres as part of our education programs. We've found that people are able to identify the key messages post watching the 3 steps program, and this DVD makes it simple and clear. The video has been received really well, and despite it being made for an American audience, the messages applied equally here in Fiji and translated well. I've also used it as a tool in training village health workers and other people caring for those with diabetes and again feedback has been very positive. Brigid Buick, Australian Volunteers for International Development; Suva, Fiji

We absolutely love this video!!! It could be a fundamental part of any diabetes education program for foot care! We especially enjoyed the pace of material, the delivery of content using a patient perspective and the simplicity of graphics were easily understood. It was also age, gender & ethnically sensitive, which is an important feature.Thank you for such a great teaching tool!"   Laurie Goodman, RN BA MHScN; Advanced Practice Nurse & Wound Care Educator; Director, Mississauga Halton Wound Initiative; Mentoring Director, IIWCC, Toronto. (March, 2012)

The Preventing Diabetic Foot Ulcers DVD is the best foot care video I have seen. The information is presented in a straightforward, easily understood manner that empowers patients to navigate their healthcare. Erika Hixon, RD, LD. HSC Medical Center, Malvern, AR (February 2012)

This video presents diabetic foot care with associated complications in a light-hearted and effective teaching method for all levels of learners. It is presented in a comprehensive yet easy to understand manner. Thank you. S. Cothran, BSN, RNP. HSC Medical Center, Malvern, AR (February 2012)
Entertaining ... very useful as a stand-alone patient education module on foot care or as an adjunct teaching aid to an overall diabetes education program. Review Excerpt, Teresa J. Kelechi, PhD, RN, CWCN; Assoc. Prof. of Nursing; College of Nursing ; Medical University of South Carolina , Nephrology Nursing Journal; July/August 2006 • Volume 33, Number 4.

This DVD is very thorough.  The demonstration of the 3-step program is informative, simplified and complete. I strongly recommend this video be observed by all nurses to assist in enhancing a "must-know" education and teaching in a simplified and captivating manner to patients.  However, I especially advocate this video be observed by home care nurses because the home care nurse has a special opportunity to bond and educate the patient with diabetes in the patient's home environment, which is more conducive to learning. I also suggest that this video can be observed directly by the home care patient and family because all can benefit from the program. Review excerpt, Marina Donahue, MS RN CDE, NP-C; Home Healthcare Nurse, Volume 24, Number 5, May 2006.

This 18 minute DVD from the USA is a welcome addition to the educational tools available. In contrast to most products available, this is specifically targeted for the patient who has been diagnosed with diabetes foot neuropathy. Overall, I found this DVD has filled a gap in the market for a specifically targeted important issue that sets it apart from the general diabetes foot education products. The themes are easy to understand using repetitive motion graphics, diagrams, pictures, written words and case studies. This reinforces understanding in both the senses without overwhelming viewers with too much information. The ease of this DVD means that it can be played on any computer with media playing software. Ideally, High Risk Foot Clinics should have all patients watch this DVD as part of their admission and discharge policies. Repetitive targeted education such as this DVD should have an impact on the morbidity of the neuropathic diabetes foot. Review excerpt, Australian Journal of Podiatric Medicine, Volume 40 • Number 1 • 2006

I would like to thank Family Health Media for the comprehensive foot care DVD Preventing Diabetic Foot Ulcers. This video is very well produced with excellent videography and information. It is organized and patient-oriented. This video is very graphic, but not sensationalistic. Our diabetes center is constantly on the look for new and informative teaching materials that help us meet the different needs and learning styles of our patients. It may not be for all patients, but it will have a great impact on those patients for which it is suitable. Carolyn Jones RN,CDE

"As a professional foot care nurse,  I found the video far surpassed my expectations.  There is a famine in the land when it comes to educational tools for foot care.  I found the DVD to be understandable, concise, and informative for health care professionals as well as patients and their families or caregivers.  The DVD content is suitable for many levels of comprehension. I love the animated characters which are endearing without being childish, and felt that they bring an added dimension of illustration to the program.  We definitely plan to use this DVD extensively for patient education in our seminars and foot care clinics.  This production is an important contribution to the professional foot care arena, and it's utilization by health care professionals will certainly positively impact outcomes for diabetics and others at risk for foot ulcers and their associated complications.  My heartfelt thanks to Family Health Media for this production!" Jeanne Schmidt, RN; Director of Clinical Services; FootTenders Professional Foot Care Services; Parker, Colorado

"The Preventing Diabetic Foot Ulcers video is wonderful.  It covers all the basics of preventative foot care and inspection for patients who have lost sensation.  The video is informative and easy to understand.  It shows practical ways for patients to  put what they have learned into practice.  I would recommend this video for any patient education program as a vital tool." Hollie Smith, PT, CWS; Manager of Wound Management Center; Jackson Madison County General Hospital ; Jackson , TN

The video stresses the danger of neuropathy and its ultimate sequelae, which include callous, open cuts, ulcers, infection, and amputation. This is an extremely important — and often ignored — concept for patients to understand because people are programmed to believe that what doesn’t hurt can’t be harmful. Review excerpt, Ostomy/Wound Management Journal, Volume 52, Issue 4; April 2006.

“We use this video for education of our unit skin care resources in our acute care hospital. They describe it as wonderful in giving general nurses a medium that fully explains what causes neuropathy and consequently the ulcers, as well as the therapies for prevention. The skin reps in turn educate the staff on their units. Our WOC team will use the video to complement teaching the nursing masses. Everyone loves Toby and Archie! The animation really brings the message home.” Midge Willson, RN MSN CWOCN, Coordinator WOCN Program; Columbia St. Mary’s Hospital; Milwaukee, WI

"I found (the video) FAN-TAS-TIC.  It is very instructive and very clear without frightening too much.  It explains very simply the dangers ahead if you don’t take charge.  Just the message is BE THE GUARDIAN of your own feet and the problem is PREVENTABLE.  I really liked the video and I am going  to use it in the DVD of our clinic waiting room to help to spread the message."  Dr R.M.Antuña de Alaiz; Clinidiabet; Gijon , Spain

"As a nurse educator and clinician, I find this video very useful. It contains clear and complete contents that cover all aspects for preventing foot ulcers in diabetic patients. This video can be used for educating nursing students, staff (including nurses, physicians and physical therapists since they are usually invlove in diabetic care ) as well as for daibetic patients and their families." Nirobol Kanogsunthornrat, PhD; Nursing Department; Ramathibodi Hospital; Bangkok, Thailand

This DVD sets out to cover the basic issues surrounding preventative health care for the neuropathic foot. Furthermore, it discusses in a very simple, nonalarmist manner the implications of this condition, if untreated.  The content material covers practical, safe, and easy-to follow methods for foot examination and the selection of appropriate footwear.  It further encourages individuals to actively participate in their own foot health, which is most welcome. Review excerpt, The International Journal of Lower Extremity Wounds, Volume 5, Number 2; June 2006.


Program overview Emphasizes 3 basic prevention strategies: performing daily foot inspections, being aware of the signs of foot trouble and wearing doctor-recommended shoes fit by a professional.
Suggested uses Intended for any person with diabetes at risk for foot problems. Family members. Discharge planning. In-house TV channel. Nursing students.
Program length 18 minutes
Price $99, DVD (extra copies, $59 each)
Media formats available DVD
Print materials 11" x 17" wall poster to assist patients with foot inpsection at home.
Available for free preview? Yes, to health care professionals.
Languages English, Spanish
2005 International Health & Medical Media Awards
Diabetes category

WINNER (Silver award)
2005 International Davey Awards
Health & Wellness category

Finalist, 2005 Telly Awards
Health & Wellness category.

Release date 2005
ISBN# 978-1-885279-06-4 (DVD format)



David Armstrong, DPM, MSc, PhD
Dr. William M. Scholl College of Podiatric Medicine
Rosalind Franklin School of Medicine and Science; Chicago , IL

Catherine Ratliff, PhD, APRN-BC, CWOCN
University of Virginia Health System;  Charlottesville , VA

Myra Varnado, RN, CDE, CWOCN
LSU Diabetic Foot Program; Independence , LA

Medical Illustrations by Anita Impagliazzo


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