Pressure Ulcer Prevention
What caring people need to know! (2nd Edition)

19-minute training video for CNAs, LPNs, students, family care givers
2nd. Edition

DVD video



Use in hospitals, nursing homes, home health.

For CNAs, LPNs and family care givers.

Explains the causes and prevention of pressure ulcers.

100% Educational. No product promotions. No commercial bias.

PowerPoint CD-ROM also available. $50. Useful for presenting information specific to your facility on products and procedures relating to pressure ulcers.

This 19-minute training video is designed for nurses, nursing assistants and family care givers. Viewers lean common causes of pressure ulcers, the sites on the body where pressure ulcers may occur, who is at greater risk, how to perform the blanching test for persistent erythema, and why the force of shear contributes to pressure ulcers. The positive message viewers take away from this information-filled video program is that we can prevent many pressure ulcers before they ever get started.

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Reviewer comments ...

The Pressure Ulcer Prevention video is fantastic – exactly what we were after. Not only is it the right amount of length but it goes into great detail for non-medical staff regarding the signs of pressure sores to look for. This DVD video would be a great training tool throughout the aged care facilities in Australia. Ashley King, Endorsed Enrolled Nurse (EEN); Innovative Care; Cheltenham, Victoria, Australia

Family Health Media's Pressure Ulcer Prevention DVD is absolutely the best pressure ulcer prevention DVD I have found on the market. I make this DVD part of our CNA training program. This DVD is professionally made and thorough in its presentation. Our students are not only able to visualize how pressure ulcers form, but also are able to watch CNA's and Nurses complete the tasks necessary to prevent them. I believe this DVD has had great impact on our students' understanding of the importance of pressure ulcer prevention in their role as a CNA. I recommend this DVD to anyone entering into the nursing field.   Cheryl Hooton, RN Director; Tennessee Health Careers, LLC; Clarksville, TN

I love the Pressure Ulcer Prevention video. It is very easy to understand and would be great for any level of nursing care to understand, from family members to physicians.  I find that each level of care can always learn something new about pressure ulcer prevention.  We are working with CIMRO of Nebraska on a pressure ulcer prevention collaborative, and I feel this video could easily become a standard within all of the rural facilities of Nebraska.  I am an independent Certified Wound Ostomy Continence nurse and consult with several nursing homes and hospitals of Northeast Nebraska within a 100 mile radius, and I plan to use your media to better teach this important concept in care. Janis Harrison, RN, BSN, CWOCN, CFCN; Harrison WOC Services - Thurston, NE

This is a unique program that captures the learning needs of nursing staff at all levels. A quality product, and a market leader. Maryam Mamou, BSN, RN, CRRN, CLCP, CWOCN. A&A Care Management Inc.

The pressure ulcer video is outstanding!  It provides education for all levels of nursing staff on pressure ulcer prevention.  The information is focused for direct caregivers and allows them to understand how pressure ulcers start and what skin concerns look like.  It stresses that prevention is key!  I highly recommend this video for all healthcare settings.  The visual aides were so impressive throughout the video, what a great tool to use for training.  Lisa Weber RN, DNS / Golden Living Center - Prairie Hills, SD

Thank you Family Health Media for the outstanding video on preventing pressure ulcers. I have reviewed this video with our Nursing Assistant students, and it has given a greater insight into what pressure ulcers are and the ways to prevent pressure ulcers. The information that is contained in both the video and power point presentation were outstanding. I was able to show clear pictures to students of what pressure ulcers look like, and with the graphics that were used, students were able to gain a greater understanding of how pressure ulcers could form and how these could be prevented. This video would be great for anyone who is teaching about care for the elderly and disabled. I would highly recommend either the video or power point presentation to any hospital, nursing care facility, and home care company to use as an in service for their staff and for teaching family members.   Mindy Tulane, LPN - Lead CNA Instructor / Davis Applied Tech. College, UT

The Pressure Ulcer Prevention video is informative and reflects our practice and efforts exemplified at our institution in pressure ulcer prevention measures. I particularly was impressed with the anatomic visual aides illustrated throughout the video. I commend you on how you took an issue as problematic as pressure ulcers and condensed it into a 19-minute video, thus keeping the attention of your audience! Sherrice N. Sanders, BSN RN; Neurosurgery ICU / Wake Forest Univ. Baptist Medical Center, NC

I just previewed the Pressure Ulcer Prevention 2nd Edition DVD and I was very impressed!  It provides current and pertinent information for health care providers.  It uses great visuals and explains how pressure ulcers develop in very simple concepts that are easily understood.  I liked how the video emphasizes the fact that the skin needs to be inspected regularly for changes and to initiate action when changes are noted.  Also the frequent repositioning is well explained.  Thank you for this great teaching tool as it covers many of the points that I as an educator would want my staff to know.   Laurie Goodman, Advanced Practice Nurse, Credit Valley Hospital, Mississauga, ON Canada


Program overview Prevention is stressed throughout this program. Shows examples of pressure ulcers. Teaches how pressure ulcers get started. Describes warning signs. Explains importance of turning. Graphically demonstrates major pressure points. Lists nine prevention tips.
Suggested uses Hospitals, long-term care and home health settings. Nurse aides, nurses, family care givers. Discharge planning. In-house TV channel. Nursing students. Enterostomal therapy nurses. Physical therapists.
Program length 19 minutes
Price Video (DVD or VHS): $99 (extra copies, $59 each)

PowerPoint CD-ROM and Workbook: $50

CCTV rights: $50 (2 year term)

SAVE $20: Video + PowerPoint & Workbook + CCTV rights: $179

Available for free preview? Yes, to qualified health care professionals.
Languages English
Release date 2008 Second Edition (update of original 1992 version)
ISBN# 978-1-885279-15-6

Medical Consultants
Pressure Ulcer Prevention - what caring people need to know 

Nancy Ann Faller, RN MSN PhD ETNCS

Karen Lou Kennedy-Evans, RN CS FNP
Consultant in Skin and Wound Care; Tucson, AZ

Karmanos Cancer Center; Detroit, MI

Catherine R. Ratliff, PhD APRN-BC CWOCN
University of Virginia Health System; Charlottesville, VA

Stephanie Yates, MSN ANP CWOCN
Duke University Medical Center Wound Management Center; Durham, NC

Anita Impagliazzo

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